DEWENWILS Outdoor Light Sensor Timer, Weatherproof Countdown Photocell Plug in Timer with 2 Grounded Outlets for Light, Foutain,Pool Pump Fliter 15 A, 1/2 HP, UL Listed

  • MULTI TIMER CHOICES - Always ON/OFF, countdown from 1-9 hours, ON at dusk OFF at dawn and On at dusk OFF after 1-9 hours, totally above 5 modes for you to choose, once set, it is daily repeat
  • EASY TO PROGRAM- Only one button to achieve all programs (F=OFF/O=ON/D=ON at dusk,OFF at dawn/1,2,3... 9=ON at dusk, OFF after 1,2,3...9 hours//1. 2.3..... 9.=ON immediately and OFF after 1,2,3,...9 hours); It only could be adjusted by whole hour
  • WATERPROOF- Waterproof material allow it to run even on rain or snowy days; the swivel safety cover on the outlet could anti dust and water when in use, to make sure no water splash into the outlets, please mount it in a vertical position and at least 2 ft above ground when in outdoor use
  • FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE- UL Listed, crafted from heavy-duty fireproof PPE material, 14 AWG SJTW cord, diminished hidden fire dangers to provide superior safety which is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use
  • 2 GROUNDED OUTLETS- 2 ground outlets can be controlled simultaneously, it can control Christmas/Holiday lights, outdoor string light, fountains, pool pump and other garden decorative lights
  1 2 3 4 1 6
  Light Sensor Countdown Timer Light Sensor Countdown Timer with Remote Digital Programmable Countdown Timer 1 HP Mechanical Timer with Long Cord Mechanical Timer with Long Cord Mechanical Timer
Light Sensor - - -
Light Sensor Countdown 2/4/ 6/ 8Hrs 2/4/ 6/ 8Hrs - - - -
Countdown - - 2/8 Hrs - - -
Repeat Daily Daily Weekly Daily Daily Daily
Operation Mode Mechanical Dial Button/Remote Button Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Extension Cord 6 inch 6 inch 6 inch 18 inch 2 ft 6 inch
Outlet Quantity 2 2 3 1 1 2
Power Rating 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP