DEWENWILS Power Strip with Timer, Indoor Outlet Bearded Dragon Tank Accessory Reptile Timer for Terrarium, Turtle Grow Light, Aquarium, 6 ft SJT Cord, 8 Grounded Outlets 4 Timed Control, 15A UL Listed

  • TIMER & SWITCH OUTLETS- 4 outlets are controlled simultaneously by the timer on one side schedules your connected devices, 4 permanently ON/OFF outlets on left side to meet your usual needs
  • SAVE MONEY&POWER– Power strip eliminates “standby power” by disconnecting the power from the devices in the 4 timed outlets saving your money on your energy bill
  • USER FRIENDLY- Mounting holes on back make it easily be mounted to wall; rotating covers on every outlet protect them from dust/water/oil when not in use; 6 ft long enough extension SJT cord expanded its scope of application; built-in battery back-up battery make sure life length of the timer control outlets and keep its settings when in power outage
  • WIDE APPLICATION- Multiple devices run always or scheduled, ideal for lamps, appliances, electronics and seasonal lighting, heat mat grow light aquarium fish/turtle tank terrarium reptiles bearded dragons etc; overload protection protects your electronics from surges and spikes
  • 7 DAY & 7 ON/OFF PROGRAMS- Up to 7 programs can be set at any time in a 7-day period with a 1-minute interval, each program you set repeats weekly; DST/RDM and Sunrise/Sunset modes for you to choose
  1 2 3 4 5 6
  Digital 7Days Programmable Timer Digital Lamp Bar Timer 2 Prong Mechanical Timer 3 Prong Mechanical Timer 2 Prong Mechanical Timer In Wall Light Timer Switch
Outlet Type Grounded Polarized Polarized Grounded Polarized -
Outlet Quantity 2 1 2 2 2 -
Min Time Interval 1 Minute 1 Minute 30 Minute 30 Minute 15 Minute 1 Minute
Operation Mode Digital Digital Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Digital
Installation Way Plug in Plug in Plug in Plug in Plug in Hardwire
Repeat Weekly Daily Daily Daily Daily Weekly