DEWENWILS 2 FT 12/3 Gauge Indoor/Outdoor Tri-Tap Extension Cord Splitter, STW 15 Amp Yellow Outer Jacket Contractor Grade Heavy Duty Power Cable with LED Lighted Plug, UL Listed, Pack of 3

  • 【 Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Extension Cord 】 15A / 125V / 1875W; premium STW 12/3 gauge contractor grade power cable has thicker, 600-volt insulation, designed for heavier use
  • 【 3 Outlet Pigtail 】 Multi plug extension cord comes with a pigtail triple tap; allow you to power multiple appliances simultaneously and maximize the usage of power strips and wall outlets
  • 【 For Indoor / Outdoor 】 This power cord splitter is suitable for temperatures from -40°F to 140°F; yellow PVC jacket withstand a lifetime of wear and tear and can resist abrasion, moisture, and direct sunlight; Note: make sure the connections are not immersed in water
  • 【 Lighted Extension Cord End 】 LED indicator lights up when the cord is powered to let you know the 2 foot short extension cord is ready to use and easy to be found in the dark
  • 【 UL Listed 】 Built with all-copper wire, reinforced blades, and double jacketed cords; features full-molding design; certified to UL
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  2FT Tri-Tap Extension Cord Splitter (Yellow) 10 FT Tri-Tap Extension Cord Splitter(Green) 15 FT Tri-Tap Extension Cord Splitter(Green) 25 FT Tri-Tap Extension Cord Splitter(Green) Extension Cord 1 to 3 Splitter 25 FT Extension Cord Multiple Outlets
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Cord Type STW 12/3C SJTW 16/3C SJTW 16/3C SJTW 16/3C SJTW 16/3 SJTW 16/3
Max. Power Rating 15A/1875W 13A/1625W 13A/1625W 13A/1625W 13A/1625W 13A/1625W
End to End Length 2 Feet 10 Feet 15 Feet 25 Feet 28 Feet / 13 Feet (Optional) 25 Feet